Elevate Fire Safety with Fogmaker

Empower your protection with peak performance. Our trustworthy and proficient fire suppression system is meticulously crafted with high-pressure water mist, specifically designed for enclosed areas like engine compartments.

Fogmaker find their place in a wide array of sectors, including school buses, transit, forestry, logging, mining, agriculture, aviation, and more, aligning perfectly with DJR Fire Services’ commitment to safeguarding diverse industries.

Rapid and Reliable Fire Suppression Solutions that Matter.

Fogmaker is a smart and responsible investment that helps keep drivers, passengers and vehicles safe. Fogmaker will effectively detect and suppress an engine fire in its early stages, and prevent it from reigniting.

High-pressure water mist has excellent cooling performance and provides oxygen displacement. Fogmaker fire suppression system spreads a fine high-pressure water mist over the fire. This efficiently cools the fire whilst displacing air when it vaporizes, so the oxygen volume reduces in the protected area. The extinguishant covers the fuel of the fire and prevents reignition.

Fogmaker fire suppression system functions in enclosed spaces that are difficult to reach with powder and plain water. The system can be activated manually or automatically. 

Why Choose FOGMAKER?

The distribution network blends ¼” hose work, 8mm stainless steel tubing, and brass nozzles of various angles and flow rates, adaptable to any environment. Full stainless steel or plated brass options are also available, reflecting Fogmaker’s dedication to quality and durability.

Built with aluminum and coated with anodized protection, the agent tanks boast longevity and corrosion resistance. The Fogmaker system’s piston accumulators eliminate the need for nitrogen replacement after discharge, ensuring consistent 100% performance.

Versatility reigns in the range of options:

Loss Of Pressure (LOP) detection: Ensuring “fail to safe” operation irrespective of machine status or power availability.
Electrical detection: Triggering metron or solenoid activation.
Manual activation: Putting control in hands.

Alarm Panels
Australian-crafted Alarm Panels cater specifically to diverse detection and activation methods. The LCD colored screen offers detailed insights to operators. Enhanced attributes include engine shutdown, battery backup, and multifarious detection modes, reflecting Fogmaker’s commitment to comprehensive safety.

Leading Australia’s water mist system landscape.
Nationwide presence for responsive service.
Liquid-filled detection, eliminating detection leaks.
Piston accumulator installation flexibility.
Fail to safe (LOP Detection option) ensures utmost safety.
Reflash prevention: Cooling of hot surfaces below reflash temperature.
Remaining fuel coverage with AFFF (foam).
Caters to machinery spaces up to 94m3.
Compact design, applicable even during roll-overs.
Over 10,000 systems already installed in Australia.
Loss of Pressure (LOP) mechanism activated at ~180°C.
Cost-effective ownership.
Integration with Telematics for advanced insights.
Customization Possibilities

Complies with AS5062-2016, P Mark, and R107 standards. Australian-made alarm panel, a testament to Fogmaker’s commitment. Options for fluorine-free foam, echoing environmental responsibility.

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