Audits & Risk

At DJR Fire Services, we recognize the importance of regular audits and risk assessments to ensure the effectiveness and compliance of your fire suppression systems. Our comprehensive audit services provide a detailed evaluation of your existing systems, while our risk assessments identify potential hazards and provide recommendations for minimizing fire-related risks.

Our Audits Process

Thorough Evaluation:

Our experienced professionals conduct comprehensive audits of your fire suppression systems, assessing their condition, functionality, and compliance with AS5062 standards. We meticulously examine all elements of the fire system, including commissioning and compliance documentation, maintenance records, and component condition to gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall system health.

Detailed Reports:

 Following the audit, we provide a detailed report of the fire suppression system. Our report will outline system compliance, any faults or defects, and any potential reliability issues.

Compliance Assurance:

Our audits are designed to ensure that your fire suppression systems meet the rigorous requirements of AS5062 and any other authority having jurisdiction. By identifying any gaps or defects in your systems, we help you achieve compliance and minimize the risk of compromised fire safety or non-compliance penalties.

Our Risk Assessment Process:

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